High-Tea with Duckies in London

I was scrolling through my email on a mundane Wednesday,  February the 1st ( i turned 22 on this day and I was happy I could relate to Taylor Swift’s 22 but that was about it) , when I came across an email with a peculiar “Quack quack” as part of the email headline. Quack quack? Could it be..


Luck was on my side as my email address was picked out, to attend the Duckscarves first ever meet-up in London. The meet up was on the 15th of February and it was a Wednesday, which the  Uni of Manchester set aside for students to engage in sports. Sports is subjective ok, football is a sport, but so is  running to the Piccadilly Station to catch a train to London for a memorable high-tea session with the Duck Team.

Aina & Diba were already waiting at the platform for me and I swear it was like the train was just waiting for us, because it started to move as soon as we board the train. The trip was super smooth, we booked an Uber from London Euston to Malaysian Hall, to pray , as well as meeting up with Syindah, another excited Duckie who travelled from Nottingham. Everyone was very nervous and excited! We did not get any  Malaysian food in Malaysian Hall Canteen “Omg how to eat because my tummy is full.. with butterflies!” also partly due to me wanting to be on-time. The event was in The Drawing Room of Fortnum and Mason in Piccadilly. Everyone was changing to heels and checking lipstick when we were on the way there, it reminded me of the scene where Mia got ready, in the Princess Diaries.



Fortnum and Mason is not just a tea salon, it’s a luxurious upmarket retail store that sells “stuff that the Queen buys” My jaw would have dropped to the floor if it could, as I go inside #jakunmoment

We made our way up to the fourth floor, where the Drawing Room was. We registered, and we were given our goodie bag, which contains the Duck Calendar, the Duck pen, and a choice of Alphabet Twilly. They ran out of S, so I didn’t mind any alphabet, really. I got an A, for A+ Student or idk Ahirah Amimi? Haha

The Walls are HAND PAINTED ok

One of my favourite thing there was my name, in cursive, on a card.


And yes, those macarons were edible (I had to ask!) and were absolutely delicious. I quietly ate, like 8 of those macarons. By the time someone realized that the macarons on our table were disappearing, I already lost count.



Duck’s GM Min Jee gave us a little welcome speech, followed by the one and only, Vivy Yusof and her speech. Then we played an ice breaker game, Great Minds Think Alike, where a group of four that has the most similar answers to the questions, win. I think a lot of people tried to cheat! We were giving eye signals, hand signs, and quietly whisper as we *cough cough* Bahaha

There was also quizzes about Duckscarves and D, as well as a movie charades! The person who acted it out and the person that guessed it correctly under one minute will win! I was so excited when I heard charades because that was the game me and my friends played all night during New Year’s Eve. I volunteered and idk if I was just THAT good, but I swear within seconds & two clues, someone guessed “the girl on the train”



We were told to write “love notes” to anyone in Malaysia. They’ll send it for us.

There were a lot of girls that seem familiar.. from oooh I have totally stalked you on instagram, to, HEY WE PLAYED VOLLEYBALL TOGETHER, and Of course everyone took photos with everyone.



All in all, it was indeed a lovely event, thank you to The Duck Team for having us. If you don’t already know, Duckscarves is a premium scarves range, beautifully packed in hard boxes with a ribbon, and a personalised card from the D, the character of the brand. I have always been obsessed with the way Duckscarves is presented as a brand, the people behind the Duck Team are simply geniuses. Duckscarves is getting the recognition from people around the globe, #proudmalaysian

Being around successful people make me want to work harder in uni, and in life. I hope I’ll come back to Malaysia and will be able to contribute to the country the way Duckscarves does.




Quack quack,

Sya ā¤


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